15th Street Nazareth is going now more like a food strip capital on this side of the City. Food places are sprouting within walking distance in this area.

One of the new food places just opened here is the Creamery Studios. It’s one of the unique food places in the area since they specialized themselves as an Ice cream artisan. Most of the openings in these areas are mostly coffee shops and resto’s.

Creamery Studios offers ice cream drinks with a twist. They have KitKat, Reese, Maltese, Twix and more other Ice cream art drinks you can try.

Aside from ice cream, they also served affordable snacks, like Creamery Pesto Pasta, Korean Egg Drop, Studio Nuggets, and many more.

They also served coffee including the popular Spanish Latte at very affordable price.

Visit them at 15th and 12th Streets, Nazareth. They are located right in the corner at the 2nd floor. It’s just across the popular catering in town, Fablous.