A new and first of its kind halal restaurant in Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao opens in the city. Its called BABU KWAN, they serve halal Moro, Filipino, and other Asian cuisines

Eating in Babu Kwan brings you to an experience of both familiar tastes and special home cooking served in an elegant way. The restaurant is an effort of passion, necessity, and advocacy all at the same time as said by the owner.

Their main dishes are beef rendang, chicken piaparan, as well as pizazati and sambal mussels as appetizers. They also have chicken bbq, tyula itum, daral, garlic prawns and other specialties.

The name Babu Kwan means your favorite auntie. “Babu” means “auntie” and “kwan” a colloquial term for “something”. Babu Kwan is the auntie for everyone. She is taken to represent the auntie that cooks for the whole clan. You will know this auntie at every gathering – the one who brings a smile to your face with pots full of food. The one who cooks for you when you are at your most miserable phases in life. The one you can always turn to for advice while enjoying a cup of coffee she brews for you along with her recipe for chicken bbq. She will make you feel loved while spoiling you with her delicious dishes.

Babu Kwan is a Moro Muslim born and raised in Southern Philippines. She is an essential part of the community because she has so much to bring to the table. She is unmarried, except for her cooking. She has so much to share with the rest of the world, and she will make the whole world feel loved with her home-cooked meal. She is everyone’s auntie.

As the years went by, Babu Kwan visited neighboring countries and realized that we have so much in common with them. Thus, she tries to infuse the taste of Asia to her usual culinary flares.

Visit the now at the Ground floor of Saavedra Building (Vines Pension House) Yacapin corner Aguinaldo Sts., Cagayan de Oro City. They are in front of Wilshire Inn and a few meters away from Masjid Oro Jama-ah in the City.