The holiday season is here! and as always on our Nuche Buena there is always a ham or a turkey as the centerpiece on our dinner table.

Bigby’s is now ready to take your order for their deliciously prepared Ball Ham and to make the holiday more festive, savor the latest addition to their holiday menu, the Roasted Holiday Turkey!

Each Turkey is specially prepared by brining it for 48 hours. It is brined with fresh herbs and yellow lemon for that juicy and tender meat. Before putting it in the oven, they smother it with a special butter mixture for that golden brown skin. And who can forget our stuffing, made with a delicious blend of bread, herbs, and spices.

They also offer different holiday food trays for Christmas parties and gatherings for P2,499 per tray. And if you want to have your tray piping hot when it’s time to serve your food tray anywhere you are, they have this add-on hot box for the tray that with just pulling a string on the side of the box it will instantly produce a heat source that will make your food tray warm and delicious in a matter of minutes.

Feast on and make your holidays super special. They are now taking orders as early as now. Book your orders now on any of their branches with no deposit fees, you pay upon picking up the food already.