#EatIligan is an Iligan Food Appreciation Tour highlighting Iligan City’s local food scene. It is on its 3rd year of this event. Social Media influencers and bloggers are invited to participate in the event to experience what the city can offer and spread it to their blogs or other social media channels. For this year, it will run for 3 days from July 27 to 29, 2018

First Stop was Jacko’s Kan-anan for the opening of the event. #EatIligan’s partners gave some talk about their products and programs during the opening activity.

Streetby was there to talk about their all-in-one lifestyle app. At the end of their talk, the participants who downloaded the app got P200 credit in their Streetby wallet as their promo.

Smart was also there to support this year’s #EatIligan and they gave out watches and new sims to all of us. How cool is that?!

Keepsakes Iligan also gave some souvenirs and Iligan City memorabilia which will truly make our #EatIligan experience more memorable.

Our group was also given a chance to talk about Google Local Guides. Ms. Alma of GBG CDO discussed about the benefits and importance of being part of Local Guides and contributing to Google Maps.

Jacko’s Kan-anan let us try their mouth-watering Filipino dishes. Their best seller and personally recommended are the Crispy Squid, Kinilaw, Shrimps, and Law-oy.

Their main restaurant is located at C3 Road, Hinaplanon, Iligan City. Go check the place in Google Maps! 🙂

Our next stop was Paseo de Santiago, a new tourist attraction in the city. The boulevard has become a destination for both local and tourists to enjoy the great ambiance, landscape, food, and music. It’s a great place to bond with family and friends. You can even ride the kalesa, which Iligan City is also famous for. Entrance Fee is P20.00 only and is located in Brgy. Santiago.

The last stop for the first day of #EatIligan was Greenwich. We get to try its new Cheesy Steak and Fries pizza.

#EatIligan 3.0 Day 2

Our first stop for Day 2 was Don Carlos Doughnut, home to Iligan’s delicious doughnuts. Not to mention that the names of the doughnuts are derived from the names of famous celebrities and personalities. So witty!

They have Oreo-Boy Sotto, Berry Alonzo, Cheese Escudero among others and they were all perfectly yummy. The doughnuts were not so sweet, the fillings (especially the custard filling of the Oreo-Boy Sotto) were on point, and the dough is chewy. They can certainly compete with other local and even international doughnut brands. Each box costs P180 with 12 assorted doughnuts. They are planning to add more flavors soon!

Heavens Bakehaus

Our 2nd stop was the Heavens Bakehaus, home of well-known, locally-made Piaya de Iligan and the 2.5 kg Big Deal Pizza. What I like about this bakeshop is that they practice Social Responsibility by training and employing out-of-school youth to their company and supports 22 micro-entrepreneurs in the city. Their success in the business is no wonder!

They also sell other baked products such as Mabuhay Pastel, Ube Kisses (which is patented), and Peanut Cookies.

Gloria’s Ihaw-Ihaw

The popular lunch stop when you are in the vicinity of Timoga, the place where spring resorts are everywhere and a great way to dive and chill with the cold waters from the Lanao lake.

City Hall

After going back to the city proper, we did a quick visit to the city hall and the amphitheater. The city hall’s location is very unique since it is situated on top of a hill where we got to see the city from the top. The amphitheater, on the other hand, is where street dancing, fiesta activities, and other city events are usually held.

Pater Al-Kuwait

This was something I was excited about. I am a fan of Pater being sold in Cagayan de Oro and so, I wanted to see and taste the difference. Well, there is really no difference between the ones being sold in CDO and the ones being offered here at Pater Al Kuwait. However, Pater Al-Kuwait has better and cleaner packaging/plating. They even offer it with either beef, tuna, and chicken. For only P75.00, one can enjoy a plate of Pater-goodness!

House of Fries

This one is really unique. Obviously, you can easily guess what they offer from the name itself but you will still be amazed when it’s your first time to see and try their food. My ultimate comfort food has a twist at the House of Fries.

With fries, you can never go wrong! How much more if it’s served with pork ribs or grilled shrimps, right? Each plate is P100.00 only.

Tita Fannies

Our 2nd to the last stop for Day 2 is Tita Fannies and I think there is really not much of explaining and reviewing to do. Their 19 years of existence in Iligan City will already vouch as to the quality of food and service they offer. The Liempo, Lechon Manok, Barbecue, and Kinilaw are among their best-sellers.

Livewire Music Lounge

After having dinner at Tita Fannie’s, we went to Live Wire Music Lounge, our last stop for Day 2. We enjoyed some drinks (with nachos and fries) and spent the rest of the night chatting with each other (while waiting for curfew? haha).

Day 3

Adventist Medical Center Nutrition Center

According to the resident nutritionist at the hospital, they serve Lacto-ovo-vegetarian meals which means using more milk and meat substitute such as tofu, gluten/wheat flour, and vegetarian meat.

They also have the DARE Program which means Dietary Approach to Reduce Excess. The aim of the program is to reduce excess fats, uric acid, etc. In the program, they give plant-based protein, use vegetable oils, more water than oil. They also conduct an assessment of the client before planning the meals. The 5-day program costs P1800.00.

After our healthy breakfast at the Adventist Medical Center, we went to Robinson’s Place where we got to spend the rest of day to visit 3 restaurants.


Our first stop at the mall is Chikaan and once again tried some Filipino staple food. My personal favorites are the oysters and the Bicol Express. They’re a must-try!


After our early lunch at Chikaan, it was time for desserts. Where could be the best place to go? Mango Mania. Well, this one’s very familiar because it originated in Cagayan de Oro City but it was my first time to try most of what they sell. By the looks of it, they were so appetizing. I super duper love the classic mangga with bagoong that I almost ate the entire plate. Hahaha.

We finished early in the first two restaurants so we stopped by at the Hometown Pasalubong Center to buy some pasalubong for our family and friends. The organizers also gave us an hour to go freely around the mall.


At 3:00 pm, we met again at our 2nd to the last stop for the #EatIligan 3.0, Kelsey’s Cafe and Restaurant, a sister company of Kyla’s Bistro (well, it’s literally adjacent to Kyla’s). We did not expect that they will prepare a lot and we were so full already from the last two restaurants we visited. To our amazement, they served us a lot of Filipino dishes and I personally couldn’t choose what I would eat since they were all delicious to look at. My personal favorites are Chicharong Bulaklak, Bagnet, Kelsey’s Supreme Pizza, and the Red Velvet Cake.

We also tried their Dragon Fruit shake, a very unique variant and true to my expectation, I loved it!


Our entire experience culminated at Max’s Restaurant located outside Robinson’s Place. We were so amazed by their hospitality. They even set-up the tables like we were in a wedding reception. They served us their best-selling dishes and their unique drinks.

The night ended with the awarding of the winners of the Social Media Challenge and guess what? I was one of the winners! Thank you Streetby for the P500 worth of gift certificate!

Thank you so much Iligan Bloggers Society for this amazing experience! I would definitely recommend this activity to everyone.


Our entire experience culminated at Max’s Restaurant located outside Robinson’s Place. We were so amazed by their hospitality. They even set-up the tables like we were in a wedding reception. They served us their best-selling dishes and their unique drinks.

It was an awesome experience after all and a very tummy-filling event. Thank you Iligan Bloggers Society.