As a prelude to the highly-anticipated 6th annual Geeks On A Beach (GOAB) conference, an exclusive Investor’s Roundtable Dinner is set to take place on November 22, 2023, at the Bellevue Resort Hotel in Panglao, Bohol. This intimate gathering provides a unique platform for private discussions about investment topics relevant to the region and beyond.

The dinner, themed “By Investors, For Investors,” aims to foster a constructive dialogue among participants on a variety of subjects, including investment opportunities, valuations in the ASEAN ecosystem, and the creation of a robust investor community.

With the presence of prominent figures from the investment sector, such as venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors, the night ensures insightful exchange and networking. VCs are professional investors who inject substantial funds into high-growth tech startups for equity and a role in governance. Angel investors, on the other hand, are affluent individuals who provide earlier, often smaller-scale investments in exchange for equity or convertible debt, offering financial backing when the venture is at a more nascent and riskier stage.

The event boasts an impressive roster of attendees, including esteemed speakers, entrepreneurs, and investors from across the globe, such as Chris McCann, Race Capital (USA); Franco Varona, Foxmont Capital Partners (PH); Paulo Campos, Kaya Founders (PH); Katrina Rausa Chan, QBO/IdeaSpace Philippines (PH); Jeremy Au, Monk’s Hill Ventures (SG); Pun Jaruthassanakul, Seedstars (TH); Jojo Flores Plug and Play Tech Center (US, PH); Adriel Yong, Ascend Angels (SG); Mohan Belani, e27 (SG); Orvel Ventures (SG); Jay Fajardo, Launchgarage (PH); Mark Sng, Gentree (SG, PH); Sohun Bae, AVV Ascend Vietnam Ventures (VN); Joon Cho, Abound Capital (SG); Martin Cu, 500 Global (PH + WW); Kickstart Ventures (PH); Patricia Sosrodjojo, Seedstars (TH); and Joseph de Leon, Manila Angels Investor Network (PH).

The evening will feature a presentation on the Philippine Venture Capital Report by Franco Varona of Foxmont Capital Partners and an open facilitated discussion led by industry veterans.

The GOAB6 Investor’s Roundtable Dinner requires an Investor’s ticket for participation. This ticket grants all access to the conference’s extensive lineup of activities from November 22-24, including the Pre-Conference Masterclasses and the main event, which promises deep dives into the startup landscape, enriched with insights and international perspectives.

“The Investor’s Roundtable Dinner is a testament to our commitment to providing a fertile ground for investment dialogues and partnerships. It sets the tone for what will be an eventful conference, teeming with opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration,” stated Tina Amper, Co-Founder of #geeksPh, the non-profit organization behind GOAB.

As part of the Philippine Startup Week, GOAB6 represents the pulse of the Philippine tech startup ecosystem in harmony with the global community. After a five-year hiatus, GOAB is back with a more significant and bolder vision, celebrating the growth and potential of the Philippines.

GOAB is a conference for partnerships, growth, and innovation in startups, tech, and design, unleashing opportunities to collaborate in the Philippines and beyond.

With the conference featuring a selection of international speakers and a showcase of promising startups from the region, GOAB6 stands as a vanguard for tech innovation in the Philippines. Interested investors and individuals seriously interested in investing in startups are encouraged to secure their spots for an evening that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring.

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