It’s almost there, the 3.17-kilometer Panguil Bay Bridge Project is getting close to a remarkable 91% completion rate as of May 25, 2024, with the present work concentrated on the extra-dosed sort center main bridge. Standing as the longest sea bridge in Mindanao, it is more than just a structure constructed out of steel and concrete; it is a bridge of vision that connects Misamis Occidental to Lanao del Norte and the entire Mindanao, opening up endless possibilities.

As Governor Henry S. Oaminal said, we are particularly excited about the upcoming completion of the Panguil Bay Bridge Project, which we believe marks a significant milestone for the Misamisnons and the whole of Mindanao. This valuable infrastructure project will greatly enhance economic growth. It will serve as a vital gateway that connects and further strengthens the province’s infrastructure, providing seamless transportation of goods and services.

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