Seda Centrio Hotel introduces its new Executive Sous Chef, Benzar Joe Aradani. Coming from a Christian-Muslim background with an Indonesian father and Filipino mother, Chef Ben brings with him a wealth of culinary experience and expertise in various regional cuisines. His innovative take on cooking has earned him a reputation for creating unique and creative dishes, proven by the numerous awards he has received throughout his 33-year career. He is consistently invited as a speaker and lecturer for culinary training, inspiring young minds to stretch their imagination to create the best dishes.

At Seda Centrio, Chef Ben uses the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and his menus reflect his commitment to sustainability. Guests can expect to be delighted by his creative combinations of flavors and textures and his attention to detail.

Whether you’re a foodie or just appreciate good food, Chef Ben’s dishes are sure to impress his passion for cooking is contagious, and he is always eager to share his knowledge and expertise with others. His passion to delight guests is reflected in his innovations where he tweaks traditional dishes for a modern take, or new concoctions inspired by his constant desire to challenge himself.

Experience the magic of Chef Ben’s culinary creations at Misto restaurant in Seda Centrio Hotel. Misto is open from 6 am to 10 pm daily.