In this time of COVID-19 Pandemic, every establishment is required to have a temperature check upon entry of its customers which is mandatory aside from the barangay exit pass. These measures are put in place by the IATF-EID or The Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases to control the infection of this very deadly virus that is spreading around the world.

With these measures, a customer entering the establishment it’s quite a hassle especially in large business establishments because of the long queue just to enter the establishment because each one will be checked by the guard with a slow hand-held digital thermometer that takes so long to check. But now I just experienced a great solution to this problem that every business owner should have. All Customers who will enter the premises of the establishment will just have to pass through a device that will easily scan your temperature as well as check for metal objects such as guns for security reasons all in one pass to the device. It can even detect if you are wearing a protective face mask or not.

Installed at the Cagayan de Oro Cathedral during the ordination of Archibishop Cabantan

The device has a thermal camera that can detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever which is one of the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. By just passing through the device swiftly everything will be check including any deadly weapons without any body contact by the guards. It will also prompt if you are not wearing a face mask.

Even multiple people get in very fast, it can swiftly detect each person including its face for facial recognition as security measures with auto snapshots for double-checking later. Not to mention this device or multiple devices can be controlled remotely 24/7 in a secured place or even on a cellphone by the business owner. It’s so great every establishment should have this device on its establishment entrance.

You will be quite familiar with this device in international airports but without its other features available in this device and it’s quite affordable for business owners to have, unlike those used by airports and some government facilities.

Real-time thermal scanner and security monitor at the entrance and exit point of Xavier Heights Subdivision, CDO.


This Thermal and Security solution is distributed in the Philippines by RSpot Solutions, Inc. which also caters to dealers nationwide. If you happen to be in Cagayan de Oro City, they have a demo showroom and service center where you can try this device live to test its accuracy and advance features.

For business owners, government, and school officials who need large-scale temperature screening as well as security measures for their establishments, you should check this out. RSpot Solutions can be contacted through email at [email protected] or call them at +63-88-3260093 or +63-908-886-0249 or visit their website at for more details.

This article was first published at NegosyoIdeas Blog Site.